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Collaboration between provider services and LINE BOT. &
A new installation approach for smartphone applications.
SpeakerDeck (ja) VOT MEETUP! vol.2
Exercise is difficult for nerds SpeakerDeck (ja) kosen10s LT #12

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Overview Languages & Technologies Notes
Corporate Scout application Objective-C
Book browsing application Swift
EC system application Objective-C
Camera system application Swift
Social communication application Objective-C, CoreData
Beacon incorporation application Swift, Firebase
Chatbot service & infra Python, Django, Azure
Mobile backend service Python, Django
Shop review application Swift, Python, Django
iOS Push Notification Service package library for django Python2, Python3, Django PyPI - Downloads
Adding csrf token for ajax request header for django Python2, Python3, Django PyPI - Downloads
In-App Purchase validation server package library for django Python3.6~3.8, Django2.x PyPI - Downloads
NowPlaying share application Swift, Firebase iTunes App Store
Gourmet application Swift, Objective-C
APNS Provider API wrapper library for Python Python3 PyPI - Downloads
Pipe(パイプ) - 投稿いらずでつながる (SNS) already closed. Swift, Firebase, AWS, Python3, Django2, Flask, Celery Main logic / Invitation logic
Mirare(ミラーレ) - 美容サロンの「リピート率」と「来店頻度」の向上を実現! Swift, Firebase, Python3, Django2, Celery, Docker, AWS, AWS CloudFormation and so on iTunes App Store
Displaying multiple images like Twitter by UIKit. iOS, Swift, CocoaPods, Carthage, Swift Package Manager
common for iOS iOS, Swift iTunes App Store 公式サイト
President's Award
WebSocket client for iOS iOS, Swift, SwiftUI, Composable Architecture iTunes App Store
CertsCheck for iOS iOS, Swift, SwiftUI, Composable Architecture App Store